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Let me just try not to offend your "intellegence" when I tell you that your so-called reply post directed a lot of your folks towards the blog and I want to thank all of them, second I follwed your blog until this very second I saw this, with my personal blog and if you would just have the courage to show some of your little balls and reply directly I wouldn't bother writing this.. And all the anonymous messages weren't necessary.. xx

We don’t send anonymous messages.  You sent us a message through this account, so Elara thought you meant this account.  If you did follow this blog, you would know that this blog is ran by more than one person, and that the person who replied to your message was Elara.  I don’t think she was wrong to tell you to leave us alone. 

Again, we do not send anonymous messages.  If Elara or I have something to tell you, we will tell you.  For instance, I think you’re being rather immature.  Not everyone is going to enjoy your voice or music tastes.  You wanted us to listen to your cover, we did.  We did not like it.  You wanted us to market your blog because you follow us, but you do not follow us.  She got annoyed.  She let you know it.  You got annoyed, now you’re letting us know it.  That’s fine. 

I will take your message into consideration, and will try to be more…sensitive to such aspiring ‘artists’ such as yourself.  To be fair, the word you meant to use in this message was not intelligence, it was either pride or feelings.  And you did not offend them, thank you.  Also, Elara and I cannot show you our little balls because they are nonexistent.  I mean if you wanted nudes, all you had to do was ask.  The answer would be no, but asking is still nice. 

We have over 100k followers, losing someone who wanted to use us is of no concern.

Also, WOW YOU MEAN OUR FOLLOWERS SEND PEOPLE ANONYMOUS MESSAGES FOR US??? THAT’S SO CUTE!!! but seriously you guys please don’t do that it’s rude it makes peoples cry ok dis is wrong way 2 liv yo lyfe

Bless xx


Hi! Normally I don't do this but would you be able to tell your followers to look at my last post? I'm kind of desperate to get these lana tickets off my hands. If not, I totally understand. Thanks for your time!

Are you and Elara sisters or friends?


We go shopping together and she watches me drink smoothies it’s great

-bee xx

I am SO sorry about that text post, it was very rude.  Clearly one of the members wrongfully thinks they’re funny.  It was uncalled for, I am really sorry.

-bee xx


i am perfect

you’re not 

so why you are talking to me



if you’re not elara or me then why are you making disgusting text posts on our blog i’m changing the password wow wow WOW