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ARTIST: Lana Del Rey;
ALBUM: Ultraviolence;
TRACK:West Coast;
PLAYED: 3148 times.


West Coast is coming 11:00AM GMT / 3:00AM PST / 5:00AM EST…

i think it so ridiculous that they aren't broadcasting lana's performance and i think they did it on purpose because on the coachella website it said she was performing today and next weeks they prob are gonna broadcast her next week -_______-

you’re right.

on the poster, lana is on the second line while daughter (though they are amazing) is on the sixth line. they’re not broadcasting lana but they are broadcasting daughter so if that’s not a hint/slight/shade/ect idk what is

Why wasn't Lana's Coachella performance broadcast?

bc america doesn’t take her seriously and also they want u 2 pay $400 to go see her irl so u can pay $7 for a slice of pizza

Would you rather have Lana's elegance or her talent?