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ok. on a serious note, i (elara) need everyone to know that there is no such thing as a “real lana fan.”

  1. it doesn’t matter why you’re here: maybe you like lana’s lyrics because you relate to them, maybe her songs are really catchy, maybe you think she’s pretty and are just here for the photos/gifs.
  2. it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a fan, whether you’ve known about her when she was lizzy grant (which i highly doubt) or you literally just finished listening to born to die.
  3. it doesn’t matter where you first heard about lana, whether it was from a friend or your favorite celebrity tweeting about her or a commercial or a television show/movie.
  4. you’re not a better fan if you own every piece of ldr merchandise out there. it just means you’re richer than everyone else.
  5. you’re not a better fan if you know every lyric she has written. i have 190 lana songs in my itunes, and i barely know all of the lyrics to 20 of them. hell, i barely know all of the song titles to half of them tbqh.
  6. you’re not a better fan if you’ve been to every lana del rey concert ever. it means you don’t have a life. and it doesn’t make you less of a fan if you’ve never been to one of her concerts at all.
  7. you’re not a real fan if you know everything about lana. it just means you’re creepy. 
  8. you’re not a better fan if she follows you on twitter. it just means i hate you a little.
  9. and you’re not a better fan if you have access to photoshop.
so it’s ok, little lana fans, you will learn what you need to know along the way. <3 google is your friend. also we are your friends. maybe. we are not mean. unless you go on twitter, lana fans on twitter are really mean, it’s really embarrassing.
always remember that u r a unique snowflake & special lana fan.
just like everybody else.
tl;dr version:


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